You Got the Stuff

Just because I’m almost a senior citizen (this September) doesn’t mean I have to like all the idiocy that goes along with that moniker. I’m talking about cleaning house, down-sizing, getting rid of our furnishings and decorative pieces, moving into a senior residence – argh, no way that last one is happening any time soon. for now, I’m referring to getting rid of items I no longer need or want, which means my annual spring cleaning ritual. Since we recently moved back to Canada from the U.S., there’s much less to get rid of because we left a lot behind with the expectation of living in a smaller place. However, if you knew me well, you’d know it’s something I like to do regularly. Every year I comb through the house to see what I no longer want or need, sometimes it’s more, sometimes it’s less, then I pack it all up for donation to Goodwill Industries, The Salvation Army, and/or Dress for Success. Continue reading

Skinny Legs and All

th-3Leggings: spandex, lycra, latex, pleather, jeggings (stretch denim); shiny, printed, bedazzled. This trend has been bugging me for a while. I’m referring to the fashion craze that has become ubiquitous. It started benignly enough. Ballet dancers in color-coordinated tutus and tights; leotards to keep you warm on blustery winter days; part of a school uniform (our Catholic high school required flesh-17-celebrities-who-have-experienced-yoga-pants-fails-8
tone leotards, not a good look). They’re now being worn by everyone, it seems – on the street, in the work-place, in malls, at the theater; young or old, tall or short, plus-size or emaciated. Even men at the gym and on the street can be seen in “meggings” so we can see all their junk! These are leggings for men, in case you weren’t sure.
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