Driving Miss Daisy Crazy

Toronto drivers are wackadoodle! That’s the official clinical term. For the record, I’m an “assertive” driver but nowhere near the level of lunacy around here. I learned to drive in Montreal, which is known for being fast and furious. When I was 15, my dad took me for driving lessons in his giant Chrysler, letting me circle around the lake at the summer cottage. 7370702228_251fd32435_bAs soon as I was 16, I signed up for lessons and got my license. Around the same time, Dad bought Mom a Toyota Corona. She didn’t like driving so guess who got to use that car. I drove to my college campus, around the hood, to the bars with my friends. Yes, it was a reckless time and the freedom was exhilarating. When I moved to Toronto in 1977, I noticed I drove more aggressively than Torontonians, which is probably why I got a few speeding tickets.
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